QUARTER/quarter Restaurant & Wine Bar

QUARTER/quarter Restaurant and Wine Bar
25 Center Street East, Harmony MN 55939
(507) 886-5500

Why name a restaurant QUARTER/quarter?

In 1832 the smallest area of land that could be purchased by settlers was reduced to 40 acres or, a quarter-quarter section, making it possible for many more people to afford to start farming. From then on, forty acres became synonymous with the word "opportunity" - the opportunity to earn a living, become a productive part of a rural community, and provide for your family.  That history, and the fact that the restaurant is located at 25 CENTer Street, led us to our unusual name.  Welcome to our “quarter/quarter”. 

What makes QUARTER/quarter different?
We think the reviewer from Midwest Living magazine hit the nail on the head when he said; "QUARTER/quarter is like an overalls-clad farmer wearing a Rolex watch, honest-to-goodness Midwestern fare dressed up with a touch of sophistication and elegance...(It) offers affordable, approachable fine cuisine in an unlikely farm town." (Midwest Living Magazine, Best of the Midwest Issue 2011)  We couldn't agree more
.  We use market fresh ingredients and complex culinary techniques just like big city restaurants do, but our goal is not just to impress you; our goal is to nourish you and reward you with a truly fulfilling dining experience.

Bragging Rights for Chef Stephen Larson and QUARTER/quarter Restaurant
Best of the Midwest 2011 - Midwest Living Magazine
Inclusion in Best Chef's America 2013 Inaugural Edition
Winner of Seed Saver's Exchange Fall Charity Soup Cook-off 2010, 2012
Presenter of KSMQ TV's "Garden Connections" recipe segment (seasons 5 and 6)
Winner of "Best Fine Dining" Fillmore County Journal readers poll 2013


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